Gastric Band Bypass

Gastric Band BypassIf you have been trying to lose weight for years and have not had any luck, you may want to consider getting a gastric band bypass.

You should only consider gastric band surgery after you have attempted other methods of weight loss. These methods should include diet and exercise.

These are the two most common and healthiest ways to lose weight, so all your effort should be put into making these two work. If you have tried your best and still can’t lose weight, you can talk to your doctor about getting gastric band bypass surgery done.

This surgery isn’t like a traditional gastric bypass. In fact, it isn’t a “bypass” at all. The gastric band bypass surgery entails limiting the amount of food ingested, while not having to re-route the digestive system. The food will follow the same route it always has, but less will be digested.

How Gastric Band Bypass Works

Gastric band bypass is a laparoscopic surgery, where a band is inserted into the stomach cavity. The surgeon makes the small incision and fills the abdominal cavity with carbon dioxide gas so that he or she will have space to work.

The gastric band is inserted around the top part of the stomach. The band will be tightened so that only a half-cup of space is left for food to enter.

This will greatly limit the number of calories that can be ingested. The band will be loose enough, however, to allow for that food to enter the rest of the stomach and allow for natural digestion to take place.

This is why gastric band bypass isn’t really “bypass” at all since no part of the digestive tract is being bypassed.

The band will need to be tightened or loosened as a person loses weight. Injecting saline into the band can tighten it. This is done via a portal, which is made during surgery. This portal will allow for easy tightening or loosening of the band, as needed.

What to Expect from Gastric Band Bypass Surgery

If you are going to get gastric band bypass surgery, you should have some idea of what you are getting yourself into. The surgery will not be pleasant, as it requires a general anesthetic.

You will be put to sleep and will have some pain after surgery. Also, you will have to follow a special diet both before and after surgery. This is for your safety and to ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs to function properly.

Since the calories you can intake are severely limited, you will need to use these calories wisely. This means following the nutrition guidelines given to you by your surgeon.

If you decide you want to eat the same as you did before your surgery, you will probably find the band will have some kind of malfunction, since you are ingesting too much food.

With that said, if you can follow the directions and endure a little pain, you should find that gastric band bypass surgery will help you lose weight like you never thought possible. Good luck!

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