Gastric Band Diet

Gastric Band DietFor those who want to lose weight because their life depends on it, traditional options like diet and exercise aren’t always possible. Luckily, there are other options for these people.

They include surgical intervention. One of the most popular methods of weight loss surgeries is gastric bands. These are used to limit the appetite of a person, leading to weight loss.

This isn’t a quick fix and doesn’t mean a person can eat whatever they want after surgery and still lose weight. On the contrary, there is a specific gastric band diet that must be used to ensure both weight loss and health.

If a person decides not to follow the gastric band diet, he or she will most likely find the surgery was a waste of time and only worked to put them at higher risk.

Following a Gastric Band Diet

Following a gastric band diet will not be as hard as it would be following it pre-surgery. The gastric band works by limiting the number of calories you eat. It does this because the surgeon inserts the gastric band around the top of the stomach.

This way, only about a half-cup of space is left for food to occupy. This food will then push on the walls of the stomach, telling the body it is full and to stop eating. The food will then enter the remaining part of the stomach and be digested.

After surgery, since the available calories to the body have been lessened significantly, the type of calories inserted will need to be monitored. The calories will need to rich in nutrients. Your doctor and dietitian will determine the exact regimen that will be followed.

Pains of Following a Gastric Band Diet

If you have trouble following the diet prescribed to you by your healthcare providers after gastric band surgery, you are not alone.

Following a gastric band diet is the same as following any other diet. It can be very difficult. But you must work to follow it because your health and the successfulness of the surgery depend on it.

The diet will be mildly easier to follow since the number of calories you can intake is much lower. You will feel full much faster than normal.

This means you will not binge eat as much as you normally would. But it also means the calories you do take in will need to be very specific.

You will not be able to eat sweets and other fatty/greasy foods you may have enjoyed before surgery.

Don’t worry too much. You have taken a huge step on the road to weight loss. You will just need to work to follow the gastric band diet and don’t give up hope.

There will be some days when you think you can’t do it, but as you get through these days, you will feel better and better. You will look better and be able to exercise more. All of these will work to allow you to become healthier and a better you!

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