Gastric Band Problems

gastric band problemsSome overweight people have tried everything under the sun to lose weight. They have tried diet and exercise, but have had no luck. They have also tried taking pills, but again, this didn’t work. Lastly, these people will consider getting a weight loss surgery. This is a drastic measure and one that should be researched extensively. Moreover, the decision to have weight loss surgery is one you should make with your doctor. Both you and your doctor should really look at all the options and whether surgery is right for you. One of the most popular ways to lose weight through surgical intervention is by having a gastric band inserted.

If you are looking into having a gastric band, you should talk to your doctor to see if you qualify. To qualify, generally a person must have a BMI above 40, which I considered morbidly obese. A person will also be considered eligible for the surgery if he or she is more than a 100 pounds overweight, but doesn’t necessarily have a BMI above 40. Lastly, a person will be considered for the surgery if they have some condition that is caused by the obesity. These conditions need to be life threatening and include hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Gastric Band Problems Sometimes Occur

There are some problems with gastric band surgery that sometimes occurs. When you have gastric band surgery, you will have to be put under a general anesthetic. This is what they use to put you to “sleep.” You sleep through the surgery so that you don’t experience the pain associated with the surgery. Sometimes, a person can have an adverse reaction to the anesthetic. This is not common, but does happen with some people. Having complication during surgery can be very bad, so if you know of any issues with anesthesia, you should take time to talk to your doctor about them.

Other gastric band problems include gastric band slippage and not following the diet prescribed after surgery. Gastric band slippage can occur when the band is not the right tension. This is uncommon, but when it happens, symptoms include excessive vomiting and heartburn. One of the biggest gastric band problems is the patient not following the diet after they have the surgery. The body cannot take in as many calories as it did before surgery, so it must utilize the few calories as well as it can. There are many nutrients, which we need to be healthy. If a person does not eat the proper amount of nutrients, gastric band problems can occur. These are unfortunate, but can be prevented if care is taken to follow the directions given to you by your surgeon.

Getting Past Gastric Band Problems

You should work to get through any problems you have with your gastric band. After you have fixed any issues, you should find losing weight is a lot easier with the gastric band. The goal of the surgery is to lose weight, so you should work to make this priority after you are healthy.

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