Gastric Band Procedure

Gastric Band ProcedureAfter you have tried and tried to lose weight with no success, you should consider talking to your doctor about other options. The best methods to lose weight are diet and exercise. These methods are the most effective and healthy. You either take in fewer calories or burn more. Either way, the result is weight loss. For some, this isn’t a feasible solution. These folks can talk to their doctor about possibly having a surgical intervention to facilitate the weight loss. One possible option is through the use of a gastric band procedure. This is a surgery, which is done by a surgeon in an operating room. The patient will be under general anesthesia. The exact gastric band procedure is outlined below.

Gastric Band Procedure – Surgery Prep

After you have scheduled your surgery, you will most likely be told you should follow a specific diet on the days or day leading up to your surgery. This may mean limiting what you eat or how much you eat. It is important to follow these instructions very specifically. You will only hurt yourself and your chances to have a successful surgery if you decide to not listen to your doctor.

On the day of surgery, you will have to come in early and be prepped for surgery. This includes changing into the gowns provided to you by the hospital. The surgeon will most likely come in and talk to you prior to surgery about what to expect. Listen to him or her and ask any questions you may have. This is the time to ask questions, since you may not be up for it after surgery. You will then be given a general anesthetic prior to surgery. This is so you will sleep through the surgery and will not feel any pain. You will experience some pain after the surgery at your sutures, but this is normal and a part of any surgery.

Gastric Band Procedure – Surgery

The next part of the gastric band procedure is the actual surgery. The surgery begins with the surgeon making small incisions. The incisions will be small because the surgery is laparoscopic in nature.  The abdominal cavity will then be filled with carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is there to allow the surgeon space to work in the cavity. The next step in the gastric band procedure is insertion of the band. The band is placed around the top of the stomach. This sections off the stomach into two different spaces.

The top space, which is where the food enters after being ingested, will be about a half-cup in size. This only allows for a half-cup of food to be eaten at any one time. For most people having the surgery, this volume is much lower than the volume they are used to eating. When filled, the food will push on the walls of the stomach. This will tell the body it is full and to quit eating. This will help the person to eat less and lose weight. The last steps in the gastric band procedure involve the surgeon finishing and closing up the wounds.

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