Gastric Band Surgeons

Gastric Band SurgeonsIf you have decided you have been overweight long enough and are not going to go on crash diets or unreasonable exercise routines, you should consider talking to your doctor about other options. There are many ways to lose weight. Diet and exercise are always the healthiest options, but are sometimes not the most likely to be successful. This is because some other weight people cannot exercise, as they would like. It is physically impossible. Further, dieting after spending a lifetime eating a certain way can be next to impossible.  For these people, surgery may be the best option. One of the lower risk weight loss surgeries is the gastric band surgery. This is a method where gastric band surgeons actually put a band around the stomach. It is a great way to eat less and lose weight, while not changing the way the body digests its food.

What Exactly Gastric Band Surgeons Do

After you have decided to have gastric band surgery, you will make an appointment to meet with one of many gastric band surgeons to discuss your surgery and treatment after. Many gastric band surgeons will take the time to explain everything to you and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to ask all the questions you want to ask before surgery, as you may not feel up to it after. On the day of surgery, you will be given a general anesthetic. This will be to put you to sleep, so that you aren’t awake and don’t experience any pain during the surgery.

After you are asleep, the surgeon will make small incisions so he or she can work in your abdominal cavity. The cavity is usually filled with carbon dioxide, so the gastric band surgeons can see what they are doing. The gastric bans surgeons will then place a band around your stomach. The band will section off the stomach into an upper and lower part. The upper part will be small, with only a half-cup volume of space available.  This upper part is where food will enter into the stomach. The food will enter the stomach and fill this space. After it is filled, the stomach will stretch and tell the body it is full and to stop eating. This is how a person loses weight. The space between the two parts of the stomach isn’t completely closed, so the food slowly enters the bottom part of the stomach and goes into the small intestine for digestion.

What Gastric Band Surgeons Do After Surgery

After your gastric band surgery, your surgeon should come to check on you. He or she will explain what diet you need to follow to be successful after the gastric band surgery. Moreover, gastric band surgeons are also responsible for adjusting the band so that it is the right tension. This involves inserting saline into the band, which will tighten the band around the stomach. It will need to be a certain tension to ensure the food doesn’t flow too easily or too slowly.

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