Gastric Band Weight Loss

Gastric Band Weight LossFor some, losing weight is the most difficult thing to do. They are not able to lose weight for a few reasons. One, exercise and diet are the most effective and healthy ways to lose weight. Unfortunately, these are not always available options for weight loss. Some people can’t exercise because they cannot move around enough to burn calories. The weight they are trying to lose is the very weight that is preventing them from working out to lose it.

Moreover, most people are severely overweight because they have eaten whatever they want for years. They have eaten food that is dense in calories and very unhealthy. It can be very difficult to change these habits of eating. A person can feel literally sick from not eating their normal way. This means the normal ways of losing weight are not always possible and alternative methods should be considered. One possible option is gastric band weight loss. This is a method by which a surgeon inserts a gastric band in you, limiting your appetite and facilitating weight loss.

Who Qualifies for Gastric Band Weight Loss

Gastric band weight loss can only occur after a person has had the surgery required. To qualify for surgery, a person must have a BMI over 40, which is considered morbidly obese. A person may also qualify if they are over a hundred pounds overweight, even if they do not have a BMI above 40. Lastly, a person may qualify for gastric band surgery if they have some condition that is caused by their obesity, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc. These conditions can be life threatening, so surgical intervention is sometimes warranted. In the end, the real qualifier will be your doctor and you. You will need to discuss whether gastric band weight loss is the right choice for you. If it is, you can move forward in scheduling your appointment.

Method of Gastric Band Weight Loss

The first step to gastric band weight loss is having the surgery. You will be put to sleep and the doctor will make small incisions. The surgery is laparoscopic, so very small wounds will be the result. The surgeon will then insert carbon dioxide gas in your abdominal cavity so he or she has a space to work. Then the surgeon will insert the gastric band around the top of the stomach. This will section the stomach into two spaces. The top will be about a half-cup in volume, which is where the food will first enter the stomach.

When this volume is full, the stomach walls will be distended and receptors in the walls will be activated and tell the rest of the body to stop eating. This is the idea behind the gastric band weight loss. The band will be adjusted to loosen or tighten the band. The ideal tension will be so the food will pass from the upper part of the stomach to the lower part of the stomach, but only after the receptors have been stimulated, the person feels full and stops eating. As you experience your gastric band weight loss, the band will need to be adjusted.

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