Lap Gastric Band

lap gastric bandIf you have tried everything to lose weight and have no luck, you may want to consider asking your doctor about getting a lap gastric band. This is a surgical intervention that should be considered as a last resort. The first steps to losing weight should be through application of a proper diet and workout regimen. This is not always practical for those who suffer from the disease of obesity. These people shouldn’t lose hope; there are other options. One of these options is to get a lap gastric band inserted around the stomach. This will be a non-permanent method of aiding in weight loss. For a person to be considered for a lap gastric band, they must be morbidly obese. To be considered morbidly obese, a person must have a BMI of 40 or above.

Getting a Lap Gastric Band

If you are overweight and feel like you want to get a lap gastric band, you should talk to your doctor about possibly having this surgery. Your doctor is going to weigh the options with you to decide what is best. After talking it over with your doctor and he or she deciding lap gastric band surgery is the best option for you, the next step in the process is to schedule the surgery. You will be given instructions for your diet before surgery. It is very important to follow these instructions as they are written. If you deviate, it could make it difficult for the surgeon to complete the surgery or could put you in danger.

The surgery entails the insertions of a lap gastric band around the stomach. This will be put around the top of the stomach and will be tightened. The band will section off the portion of the stomach which first experiences food from the rest of the stomach. You will be limited to half a cup of stomach volume to fill with food. At this point, the body will relay to you that you are full and should top eating. The lap gastric band will be loose enough, however, to allow for the passage of food to the rest of the stomach and into the intestines, allowing for normal digestion. The lap gastric band can be tightened or loosened depending on how it is slowing food passage from one part of the stomach to another.  It will really just depend on the person. As you loose weight, you will also need to have it adjusted. The lap gastric band is filled with saline to be tightened.

After Lap Gastric Band Surgery

You will undoubtedly be sore after surgery, so you should expect to rest and be week for a few days. After this, you should strive to follow the diet the doctor gives you. You will not be able to eat nearly as much as you used to, so follow the diet to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need to be healthy. You will not want to get the surgery to improve your health and then not get the proper nutrients because you aren’t following the diet.

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