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Gastric Band vs Gastric Bypass

If you have tried everything to lose weight and have had zero luck, you may want to consider a surgical option. There are different methods to weight loss through surgical intervention. Two of the most popular are gastric band and gastric bypass surgeries. Before you research the difference between these two types of surgeries, you will need to make sure you qualify for weight loss surgery. There are certain requirements… Read More »

Gastric Band Weight Loss

For some, losing weight is the most difficult thing to do. They are not able to lose weight for a few reasons. One, exercise and diet are the most effective and healthy ways to lose weight. Unfortunately, these are not always available options for weight loss. Some people can’t exercise because they cannot move around enough to burn calories. The weight they are trying to lose is the very weight… Read More »

Gastric Band Procedure

After you have tried and tried to lose weight with no success, you should consider talking to your doctor about other options. The best methods to lose weight are diet and exercise. These methods are the most effective and healthy. You either take in fewer calories or burn more. Either way, the result is weight loss. For some, this isn’t a feasible solution. These folks can talk to their doctor… Read More »

Gastric Band Problems

Some overweight people have tried everything under the sun to lose weight. They have tried diet and exercise, but have had no luck. They have also tried taking pills, but again, this didn’t work. Lastly, these people will consider getting a weight loss surgery. This is a drastic measure and one that should be researched extensively. Moreover, the decision to have weight loss surgery is one you should make with… Read More »

Gastric Band Surgeons

If you have decided you have been overweight long enough and are not going to go on crash diets or unreasonable exercise routines, you should consider talking to your doctor about other options. There are many ways to lose weight. Diet and exercise are always the healthiest options, but are sometimes not the most likely to be successful. This is because some other weight people cannot exercise, as they would… Read More »

Gastric Band Slippage

If you have decided you want to lose weight for good and are doing it via gastric band surgery, you should be aware of some of the problem associated with the surgery. Before having the surgery, you should consider all other methods of losing weight. These include both diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are the safest and most effective way to lose weight. No other method can rival. If… Read More »

Lap Gastric Band

If you have tried everything to lose weight and have no luck, you may want to consider asking your doctor about getting a lap gastric band. This is a surgical intervention that should be considered as a last resort. The first steps to losing weight should be through application of a proper diet and workout regimen. This is not always practical for those who suffer from the disease of obesity.… Read More »

What is a Gastric Band

If you are trying to lose weight, you should consider diet and exercise as the number one priority to achieve this goal. If you have tried this method of weight loss and have had zero luck, you can start considering other options. There are many ways to lose weight other than diet and exercise. One method is through the use of surgery. Surgery is used on in extreme cases. People… Read More »

Virtual Gastric Band

If you have tried everything to lose weight and don’t know what else to do, you can look into virtual gastric bands. These are not actual gastric bands, but instead are bands the patient believes are there, but aren’t. This is a type of hypno therapy, pioneered by a hypnotherapist in the UK. This method does not actually mean anything is inserted around the stomach. Actually, no physical contact is… Read More »

Gastric Band Operations

Some people have tried for years to lose weight. They have tried every diet and every exercise program. Everything! And nothing has worked. This can be very frustrating to these people, as they sincerely want to lose weight but do not know how to do so. There are other options that can be considered after many attempts at losing weight have been made. These options include different types of surgical… Read More »