Virtual Gastric Band

virtual gastric bandIf you have tried everything to lose weight and don’t know what else to do, you can look into virtual gastric bands. These are not actual gastric bands, but instead are bands the patient believes are there, but aren’t. This is a type of hypno therapy, pioneered by a hypnotherapist in the UK. This method does not actually mean anything is inserted around the stomach. Actually, no physical contact is needed. Instead, it is a way of hypnotizing the patient into believing they have a gastric band. A virtual gastric band is not something your medical doctor would ever prescribe. Instead, it is an alternative to traditional methods of losing weight. If you have tried diet and exercise and do not know what else to do, you can try a virtual gastric band. Since it is so new a treatment, you may find that it hard to find a person who will perform this treatment. This is especially true for those who live in rural areas. For those from the city, you may have better luck.

Virtual Gastric Band vs. Real Gastric Band

A real gastric band is a band that is inserted by a surgeon. The band goes around the top part of the stomach and limits the amount of food a person can ingest. The food enters the top part of the stomach, which is only a space of about a half-cup, and then fills the area until receptors in the wall of the stomach are activated. These receptors send messages to the brain, telling it that it is full and to stop eating. This is the traditional method a gastric band works.

A virtual gastric band supposedly works in much the same way. There is not band, so the receptors in the stomach are never activated. However, if successful, the treatment will tell the brain that it is full and to stop eating. Ideally, this would facilitate weight loss. This weight loss is supposed to rival that seen from getting a real gastric band. If you are looking for a gastric band treatment with the high cost or surgery associated with it, you can try to get a virtual gastric band. Many people have found it works for them, so consider having it done today.

Be Realistic about Virtual Gastric Bands

If you decide you don’t to get a real gastric band and want t virtual gastric band, you should be realistic about your expectations. For some people, virtual gastric bands do work. Others feel they are complete quackery. You can be the judge. But it is important not to go into the treatment thinking it is going to solve every one of your problems. This is not going to be the case, so you should be careful. Don’t overpay the hypnotherapist, thinking more money equals better results. It doesn’t always work this way. In the end, the goal is to lose weight so you are healthier. This is not always easy, so you should work hard to lose it in anyway you can. This may include getting a virtual gastric band.

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