What is a Gastric Band

gastric-bandIf you are trying to lose weight, you should consider diet and exercise as the number one priority to achieve this goal. If you have tried this method of weight loss and have had zero luck, you can start considering other options. There are many ways to lose weight other than diet and exercise. One method is through the use of surgery. Surgery is used on in extreme cases. People considered for surgery are those who are morbidly obese, which means their BMIs are above 40. These people will most likely die from an obesity related condition. For this reason, these people are considered top priority for surgery that facilitates weight loss. One lower risk option for weight loss is through the use of a gastric band. You may be asking yourself “what is a gastric band?”

What is a Gastric Band? – How it works

A gastric band is inserted around the top of the stomach and is used to section off the stomach into two spaces. The top space will only be able to hold about a half-cup of food. This space is where the food will enter after it is chewed up and swallowed. Once this entire space has been filled with food, the stomach will start to stretch, which will tell the body it is full and to stop eating. This will facilitate the person to eat less, which will cause them to lose weight. This is the idea behind the use of the gastric band. The band is not so tight as to prevent the food from passing from the top to the bottom. It is just tight enough to slow this movement, which will cause the feeling of “fullness.”

The gastric band is biodegradable, so there is no risk of it having an adverse effect in the body. The band is also adjustable. As a person loses weight, the band will have to be adjusted. In fact, after surgery, the band may not be tight enough to cause any change in appetite. The surgeon will have to adjust it so that the person can feel that feeling of being full after ingesting a half-cup of food. When you gain or lose weight, the band’s tension will change. It is important it is adjusted as needed. The movement of saline in or out of the band achieves the adjustment.

What is a Gastric band? – Surgery

When you decide to have gastric band surgery, you will have to get the band inserted around the stomach by a surgeon. The surgeon will do this after you have been put to sleep. This surgery is laparoscopic in nature, so small incisions are used. This prevents extensive scaring. Moreover, the surgery can be hard on the body, since those getting the surgery are already at risk because of their weight. There is a much to think about when considering this surgery. Hopefully, you can answer your own question: “what is a gastric band?”

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